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Thursday, December 21, 2017

BlueTooth 2017

This is for myself to stop me reading about installing backports. ath10k modprobe something something possible blacklist conflict something.

1. Fire up Blueman.
2. Reboot, sorry.
3. If BlueTooth adapter isn't found goto 1. Repeating this multiple times is normal in 2017.
4. ps aux | grep blue
5. kill -9 ← pid of Blueman
6. Try connect everything.
7. If everything connects after multiple attempts then fine otherwise continue.
8. sudo service bluetooth restart
9. Alt-F1 blue blah, but not Blueman!
10. Right click on system tray and select "System Tray Settings..."
11. Deselect Bluetooth, click okay. Select Bluetooth, click okay.
12. Unpair, untrust, and remove problem device.
13. Try reconnect problem device.
14. Goto 12 until you lose the will to live.

I think what's happening is that only Blueman will let the driver actually boot but not function. And "Bluetooth" won't boot the driver but will actually work. lspci and rfkill list will make you think you have lost the plot.